Back in the USSR #umwconsole

Zach Whalen’s time appropriate world globe subtly points to the geo-politial realities that framed 1985. The Cold War and Vietnam were still very much with us. Mother Russia was ground Zero for the USSR, and Rambo: First Blood, Pt. II was out in theaters. Latch-key kids would come home to play Space Invaders in hopes that they could ward off the highly organized aliens from world domination. The metaphors of the moment are everywhere.

The Videodrome poster came in today. Dr. Oblivion would be proud #umwconsole #thenewflesh

This is a nice shot of the almost completed reproduction of a 1985 living room at UMW. The Videodrome (1983) poster came in today, and nothing says convergence like James Woods corporally internalizing a VHS tape into his stomach 🙂 We are still waiting on the back to the Future poster, but after that we are pretty much golden. You’ll notice the details on the paneling are all done-Zach Whalen and I finished all the paneling up this afternoon thanks to the help of Kenny Horning in the Theatre department.