Stand By Me

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One thought on “Stand By Me

  1. I love this movie. Sadly I didn’t watch it in the living room, though I would have loved to, but I didn’t want to disturb the dozen or so students who had ventured to the top floor of the convergence center to try and get some quiet studying done. I never had a beta cassette, but I am (barely) old enough to have grown up with VHS, so the presentation was at least familiar to me. I saw this first movie when I was about 10 or 11, and while I hadn’t gone out for a weekend with my friends to look for a dead body and my older brother John Cusack didn’t die at war and I’ve never held anyone at gunpoint, I’d certainly felt at times that my friends were closer family than my parents, and I’d dealt with not fitting in, who hasn’t? Those are all quintessential parts of growing up, especially in the years before and going into high school. I didn’t watch it in the living room, but fortunately for me the current age is full of wonderful inventions that make the hassle of finding and watching tv shows and movies unbelievably easy and convenient, Stand By Me happened to be on Netflix so I went back and watched it later that night.

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