Michael Jackson – Beat It (7″)

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One thought on “Michael Jackson – Beat It (7″)

  1. It’s entirely possible that I chose Beat It because I was too self-conscious to admit to liking some of the other albums that were in the living room and I thought, “How could I possibly go wrong with Michael Jackson?” In fact that’s exactly what it is. That being said though, Michael Jackson may have never put out a bad album, Beat It not being an exception. I chose this item as my last post because for some reason I thought it would be important to have every post be about a different medium, I don’t know that that’s necessarily true, it most likely isn’t, but on a personal level I find it interesting to see how media has transformed over the past 30 years. Comic books are glossier, grittier (depending on what you’re reading) and for the most part more expensive, tv and movies now come on what are essentially CDs in stead of boxy cassettes and music is almost entirely digital nowadays (although there’s been quite a resurgence in vinyl records, which is an interesting social trend in itself). In many ways though media hasn’t changed at all, the format may be different but the content will always be the same, comics will always (or usually) be about the perpetual battle between good and evil, pop songs will always be catchy, simplistic, easy to remember and easy to sing to, and movies will always have blockbusters with more expensive special effects than actual plot, and coming of age stories about kids trying to find out who they are and where they fit in the world.
    This is a separate comment, but I really enjoyed the Living Room, I kind of wish it could have stayed up for longer.

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