Metal Gear

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NES Cartridge
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3 thoughts on “Metal Gear

  1. 2D stealth games are really hard, especially when they have broken (iconic) English. I just wish the dogs could feel asleep so I could sneak around them… maybe I just need to get better.

  2. If ever there were a game that both intrigued me and left me impatient, it’s this one. As a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, I felt it was totally necessary that I play the game that started it all. And it was exactly what I was expecting but way harsher. The MGS series is famous for how little it will hold your hand in playing and how much of your progress hinges on your intuition with finding and using the appropriate items at the appropriate times, no matter how weird it seems. Well, in this game my biggest problem was the dogs. I had enough sense to understand that, with no weapon, I wasn’t expected to charge in and fight the soldiers that I saw. Not in Outer Heaven, no no no.

  3. It was amazing to play the first metal gear. Compared to now it was an eye sore but anything compared to the graphics in 2015 is like comparing a painting to a rock. Though, I’m glad they went from 2D to 3D.

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