RCA Colortrak Stereo Monitor

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3 thoughts on “RCA Colortrak Stereo Monitor

  1. My grandmother has the same tv, I remember it always being there, my dad and I offered to buy her a new tv once and she refused, dad told me “we’ll just wait for it to burn out” that was ten years ago these tvs were made to last! And the picture quality is pretty good too

  2. My Wife and I was given the same console TV in 2008. This TV was made to last it has beautiful cabinet and the picture remains great. I only wish they built the newer TV’S like this. The memories of this TV are absolutely timeless.

  3. Hi, My name is Mary and I have a colortrak and it works perfectly. Its cabinet is solid and such a beautiful piece of furniture.A conversational piece.By chance does anyone know the vintage price? I am curious to what people are interested in such as an vintage stereo console. The cabinet is about 3 1/2 ft.and has a turn table,8 track and stereo sound am, fm radio in it the cabinet is good shape.Such lovely furniture made back then.

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