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Pac-Man has become an icon of both the video game industry and the 80’s. Though certainly one of the most popular arcade games of all times, the initial leap to the home system was rather pathetic. The sounds are bad, the maze is simple, and the yellow mouthed dude just doesn’t look right. Still, the public ate it up, making Pac-Man one of the best sellers for the 2600. It was later included with some new 2600 systems. As for game play, you know the story – eat the dots, don’t eat the ghosts unless you turn them blue by eating an energy pill, yada yada yada. – Atari Guide


One thought on “Pacman

  1. How could you not love this game? Pacman has to be one of the more recognizable video games in the world, and for obvious reasons it has become an arcade and early console favorite. I found much more success playing this and getting used to the controller compared with space invaders. This was the first time I have played pacman outside of a modern arcade or on the computer, and playing it with the Atari joystick enhanced the experience all the more. Although I never completed the game without being hit by the monsters at least once, I felt like I got a pretty good grasp of it. Being able to play it on a 1980s era TV was great as well.

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