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2 thoughts on “Intellivision

  1. I’m still not 100% convinced this is a console. It still looks like a big box with two controllers that look like phones without speakers. When you don’t have a guidebook or the little cards to put over the controllers to know what does what, it’s actually difficult and annoying to play. The buttons feel a bit stiff, but it wasn’t too hard to move the dials or anything. The graphics in that time was a bit better than I expected. All I kind of wished was that there were guides and cards rather than one or the other, but that isn’t the fault of the system.

  2. The system looked confusing to handle at first. There were cards for the controller that the player was supposed to use to navigate each game. It was hard to know exactly was had to be done for each game. The cards gave some hints but it took awhile to find out what the main goal of the game was. The controls were kind of bulky and they had to be held in a different way. I think it is very interesting to explore games of the past and see how games have evolved overall. It seems that most game consoles moved from bulky rectangles to consoles that our more formed to players’ hands. These game systems also seemed simpler than the systems of the present. It was interesting to explore everything.

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