The Avengers (Volume 1) #261

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One thought on “The Avengers (Volume 1) #261

  1. Of the items in the living room my favorites were the comic books, the movies, and the music. The video games were fun but I was so far removed from them and unfamiliar with most of them that it was hard to enjoy them as much. But I knew the comics, I had seen a good deal of the movies, and I’d heard most of the music, and I don’t have to relearn how to read watch or listen. I chose the Avengers comic because it was something that I was vaguely familiar with and it’s kind of cool to follow the original story line and see the expanded team and read about the exploits that weren’t created and modified to be in the blockbuster films. I particularly enjoyed this issue, because even if there were characters and previous story line that I was unfamiliar with it featured the Beyonder, which as far as I’m aware is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. The most immediately noticeable thing however, when reading this issue is the difference in illustration, in characterization, and in dialogue. Literature in any format is a very accurate indicator of the times, not having been alive in the 80’s I don’t think I can comment on the general feeling of the decade, but having read the Civil War series and being alive in the 00’s it’s interesting to see the drastic shift in tone and subject matter.

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