Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet

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NES Cartridge
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3 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet

  1. I used to play Duck Hunt a bit a few years back, that dog was always so annoying. I’m really glad this game has a proper CRT TV to play it on; I tried playing it once on a flat-screen with very unsuccessful results. Now that I can play it again, I think I’ve broken my record. I just wish the NES had a proper save feature.

    1. The comparison to a flat screen is interesting. Is it that the LCD doesn’t actually work at all? If so, I wonder if maybe the light isn’t strong enough to get picked up by the light gun’s sensor, or perhaps that sensor is somehow timed to the refresh rate of the TV which could be different on a flat panel.

  2. I remember playing the original Super Mario Bros. back in the day. It was one of my favorites. The cartridge in the Console Living Room was in pretty good condition, seeing as I didn’t have to blow on the cartridge to get it to work. I especially love this cartridge because it contains three games for the price of one which made me pretty happy when I was younger. I hope the living room gets more Mario games in the future for me to play.

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