Plaid Couch

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2 thoughts on “Plaid Couch

  1. Excluding the dated plaid pattern of the couch it was not bad and was more or less comfortable. I have to say though that while it reminded me of an old couch my grandparents had some fifteen years ago I can’t say I would want one nowadays. Compared to couchs nowadays it definitely falls flat, but it is easy to see how this unsuspecting couch would be a cornerstone of the family room during the 1980s when the family wanted to watch TV or play video games.

  2. I think couch is one of the central elements that takes the console living room into the past. Although the pattern is dated, I enjoyed looking at the plaid patterning of the couch. The couch may not be the comfiest to us today but it may have been the perfect place to play a game for the people of our age or younger, at the time.

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