Atari VCS (2600)

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One thought on “Atari VCS (2600)

  1. Had a lot of fun using this system yesterday evening when I visited the living room. A throwback to a bygone era. Had a little difficulty getting used to the system at first, but eventually started getting the hang of it. The first game i attempted was Space Invaders, one of the games we had played in PC form in Dr. Whalen’s Games and Culture class. It was great to be able to play the game on the original console that it was intended for. Switching the game modes seemed to be the main issue for me when playing, as one game mode didn’t allow me to shoot, and the other one made it so difficult that I would be hit by one of the alien bombs before I even had a chance to move the character. Eventually though, I got a little bit better at the game, and ended up having a lot of fun on the system.

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