Are we missing something important? Do you have something you think we should include? We’d love to have it. The table below lists some items we’re keenly interested in, but anything from the mid 1980s is fair game.

Please keep in mind a couple of general principles:

  • Donated items will be available for anyone to manipulate, play with, use, and possibly wear down or break.
  • By “donating” an item, you’re letting us use it for a while, but it remains your property and you can reclaim it at the end of this experiment.
  • Most items will be in the exhibit 24/7 and unmonitored. We’re counting on (and confident in) UMW’s strong honor code to keep our items safe.

If you have or want to acquire one of these for us, please get in touch.

Photo Title Date Medium Item Type Sub Type
Commodore 64